Intelligence, Data, Ethics, And Society (IDEAS) Lab

The IDEAS lab explores questions like: how can institutions and organizations make good decisions? What do those decision processes look like, particularly in our diverse, inter-connected, and increasingly algorithmic societies? And how do we ensure that these processes are designed and evaluated in ways that effectively promote our varied epistemic and ethical values? Answering these general questions requires that we carefully examine a number of more specific issues. Here are some of the issues that we are currently focusing on in the IDEAS lab.

Values & AI-informed decision-making

Sample publications

  • Ethical analysis of AI-informed decisions
  • Diversity in AI design and development
  • Human-AI complementarity & teaming
Values & decision-making in diverse societies

Sample publications

  • Conceptualizing & quantifying sociocultural diversity
  • Diversity’s influence on group dynamics & performance
  • Fairness implications of communication structure & dynamics
Values & individual cognition

Sample publications

  • The impacts of goals and values on human cognition (especially on attention, counterfactual judgments, and causal cognition)

Note: If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact me with your resume, and please make sure to indicate the specific areas of our research that best align with your interests and background.