Teaching Awards

In 2017-2018, I was awarded the The Don Brown Graduate Teaching Award from University of British Columbia’s Philosophy Department.

Course Instructor

Understanding and Designing Cognitive Systems

Cognitive Systems Program, University of British Columbia, 2017-18 and 2018-19

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Introduction to Scientific Reasoning

Philosophy Department, University of British Columbia, 2016-17

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Teaching Training

Certificate Program in Advanced Teaching and Learning at University of British Columbia.

“The Certificate Program in Advanced Teaching and Learning is a year and a half long (September 2017 – December 2018) teaching development program that supports the development of graduate students’ expertise in teaching and learning. It serves both graduate students seeking excellence in teaching and learning in their future roles as faculty, as well as those who will apply the skills outside of traditional faculty roles. The Certificate Program in Advanced Teaching and Learning prepares graduate students who seek faculty positions focused on teaching and learning specifically, and more broadly creates a cohort of graduate students positioned for future educational leadership.”

Instructional Skills Workshop, UBC Graduate Pathways to Success.

“The workshop consists of teaching practice, theory application, and topical sessions specifically relevant to Teaching Assistants and Graduate Students at UBC. During the workshop you will teach three short lessons and receive feedback from your peers. You will work closely with peers and trained facilitators (who are themselves UBC graduate students). In this supportive atmosphere you will have a chance to begin to develop new teaching skills, to enhance existing skills, and/or to try new and challenging ideas.”