My core research areas are in philosophy of science, cognitive science, and politics and ethics of science and technology (particularly artificial intelligence). I’m currently focusing on two research projects: the first project involves developing a framework for understanding, evaluating, and improving algorithm-based decision-making in an ethical manner. David Danks and Zack Lipton are my collaborators in this project. The second project examines group decision-making as well as individual decision-making in group settings. Here, I am particularly interested in how diversity (especially demographic diversity) impacts group dynamics and decision-making. Dan Steel is a regular collaborator in this project. In addition to these two core projects, I have also worked and continue to work on counterfactual explanation, attention, and cognitive modeling.


Norms in counterfactual selectionForthcoming. Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.
Affect-biased attention and predictive processing (with Madeleine Ransom, James Kryklywy, Jelena Markovic, Rebecca Todd & Evan Thompson). Forthcoming. Cognition.
Algorithmic fairness from a non-ideal perspective (with Zack Lipton). 2020. Proceedings for AIES 2020.
Information elaboration and epistemic effects of diversity (with Dan Steel, Biance Crewe & Kinley Gillette). 2019. Synthese
Multiple diversity concepts and their ethical-epistemic implications (with Dan Steel, Biance Crewe & Kinley Gillette). 2018. European Journal for Philosophy of Science
Attention in the predictive mind (with Madeleine Ransom & Chris Mole). 2017. Consciousness and Cognition
The Kantian brain: brain dynamics from a neurophenomenological perspective (with Evan Thompson). 2015. Current Opinion in Neurobiology 
Multiple description coding of video using phase scrambling (with Parsa Hojjat & Shahram Shirani). 2007. IEEE Pacific Rim Conference on Communications, Computers and Signal Processing

In Progress

Diversity, trust, conformity: a simulation study (with Dan Steel). R&R.
Algorithmic bias (with David Danks). Commissioned by Philosophy Compass.
Teaching and learning guide for Algorithmic bias (with David Danks). Commissioned by Philosophy Compass.